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Li, Chang; Qian, Yuyao; Li, Zhaokun; Tong, Tong
Heritage Science, 2024 12 (1) - AHCI SCIE

摘要 : Minority Cultural Heritage (MCH) plays a crucial role in preserving human cultural and historical diversity. In Southwest China, there is a disparity between the abundance of ethnic minority cultural heritage resources and their inadequate protection and development. However, limited by interdisciplinary barriers, research into the distribution patterns of varied MCH in this area remains unexplored, making an initial step towards comprehensive preservation. The study investigates the relationship between MCH distribution and its association with factors of geography, climate, transportation, economics, and demographics, utilizing spatial geographic analysis, Geodetector methods, and social network analysis. The results indicate the following: (1) The distribution of 483 national-level MCH in Southwest China exhibits clustering, with a higher concentration in the southern regions. Honghe Prefecture, Dali Prefecture, and Qiandongnan Prefecture serve as the core areas with high MCH density, accounting for 47.2% of the total concentration. (2) All three categories of MCH show cohesive distribution patterns. cultural heritage clusters in the northern to southeastern regions of Yunnan Province, intangible cultural heritage clusters in the southeastern to southern regions of Guizhou Province, and agricultural cultural heritage clusters in the northern region of Yunnan Province. (3) The distribution of MCH among different ethnic minorities demonstrates polarization. The Yi and Tibetan ethnic groups have a higher quantity and diversity of MCH, while the Qiang, Lisu, and Jingpo ethnic groups have relatively fewer resources. (4) Single-factor analysis reveals that natural factors like the proportion of mountainous areas, river density, and annual average sunshine, as well as human factors like the proportion of minority population, urbanization rate, and road mileage, have the strongest explanatory power for the distribution of MCH. Furthermore, the interaction between these factors and others enhances the explanatory power for the distribution of MCH in Southwest China. This study provides scientific evidence for the assessment, protection, and sustainable development of MCH.

Zetian Dai; Tan Wee Hoe; Shoushan Wang; Juan Xue

摘要 : The haptic sense is an essential component of aesthetic evaluation that is often overlooked in today's mobile internet age. Unlike hearing and vision, the sense of touch is less widely transmitted. Unfortunately, most aesthetic theories and explanations have focused solely on the visual and auditory senses, with minimal attention given to tactile evaluation. To address this gap in knowledge, we have collected studies on tactile aesthetics within the framework of experimental aesthetics from 2000 to 2022. After statistical generalization, our findings suggest the following: The criteria for evaluating tactile aesthetics were mostly dichotomous, that is, positive (like/appreciation/pleasure) and negative (dislike/disgust/unpleasant). Tactile aesthetics predominantly involved the toucher dimension (synesthesia/need for touch/touch pattern) and the touch sample dimension (shape/type/texture), with the commonly overlooked factors of "need for touch" and "touch pattern." Some studies did not restrict the shape and material of the touch samples. Based on our findings, we have systematically summarized and concluded what tactile factors influence aesthetic evaluation and have analyzed future research trends.

Natalia Kadanceva; Tetiana Kablova; Yeyu Liu
Musica Hodie, 2023 23 - AHCI

摘要 : The article considers the specifics of chamber and vocal genres in Ukrainian music culture. Genre evolution of Ukrainian chamber and vocal music covers the XVIII-XX centuries. and consists of 3 stages: from Cantus and song-romance music of the XVIII-early XIX centuries, then romance (mid-XIX century) of strophic and three-part form, to pan-European parallels in the form of lyrical vocal miniature through type or recitative monologue, including touches of arioso expressiveness. The Ukrainian Cantus as a genesis for creation of chamber vocal culture is analyzed. It is determined that the Ukrainian Cantus becomes the basis of the national romance line in the chamber sphere, which extremely actively covered the lyrical array of singing and in the chamber variety, anticipating the aria in the Ukrainian urban-salon sphere. It is noted that the genesis and evolution of Ukrainian romance in the links with folklore and cult tradition, which determined the place of chamber vocal music in Ukrainian opera.

Liu, Honggang; Chu, Wenxiu
Applied Linguistics Review, 2023 - AHCI SSCI

摘要 : While teacher resilience has gained wide currency in the general education field, empirical research on language teacher resilience is still insufficient, especially with regard to the exploration of its inner structure. Against this backdrop, this study utilized a quantitative approach to investigate the structure of English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher resilience. An adapted Chinese version of the Multidimensional Teachers' Resilience Scale (MTRS) was completed by 539 Chinese junior high school EFL teachers. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses provided an acceptable fit for the 13-item MTRS and identified a tri-factorial structure of teacher resilience concerning professional competence, sociability, and grit. Based on these findings, the paper offers some implications for developing studies on language teacher resilience in the future. © 2023 Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston 2023.

Zhang, Tiantian; Tang, Gaoxing; Lian, Zefeng
Nexus Network Journal, 2023 25 (4) - AHCI SCIE
Zhang, Tiantian; Tang, Gaoxing; Lian, Zefeng
Nexus Network Journal, 2023 25 (2) - AHCI SCIE

摘要 : The Humble Administrator's Garden is a fine specimen of classical Chinese gardens (CCGs). Researching the Humble Administrator's Garden is helpful to understand the essence of the spatial design of CCGs. This paper puts forward a revised drawing principle for the axial map based on the theory of Space Syntax and compared the garden's spatial structure in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries in Depthmap. It revealed that: (1) The spatial structure of the two different periods has a common "transportation system" and a series of connected spaces. (2) In the nineteenth century, groves and scenery spots disappeared, while corridors, platforms and courtyards appeared, deepening the spatial depth of the garden. The spatial topology changed from the chain-type to the ring-type. (3) The closed-ring space combination makes it easier for visitors to obtain the information of the global space through the local space, that is, it can make the space more convenient and efficient when visiting the garden.

Zhong, Baichang; Liu, Xiaofan; Zhan, Zehui; Ke, Qingchao; Wang, Fulai
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 2022 9 (1) - AHCI SSCI
Ji, Zhinan; Xiangchun, Meng
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 2022 9 (1) - AHCI SSCI

摘要 : Among modern Chinese female writers and translators, Bing Xin is considered an elite pioneer and leader of the May Fourth/New Culture Movement. Through a sentimental and feminist writing style, she showcases her own voice and distinctive features. With anti-patriarchal philosophy and creative literary rhetoric, Bing Xin's translation of literature reflects femininity and globality. Her seminal translated work《园丁集》 (Yuan Ding Ji or Yuan Ding Collected Poems), the Chinese translation of the poetry collection The Gardener by Rabindranath Tagore, is a product of appreciation and appropriation, as well as rewriting and recreation. Using case study as a research methodology and the method of textual analysis and commentary of Bing Xin's translated sources in comparison with primary sources from Tagore's work, this project focuses on how Bing Xin applies typical feminist translation strategies in certain excerpts from The Gardener, serving as a reflection of her feminist consciousness as well as a correction of the potentially unintended patriarchal tendencies of Tagore. By commenting on her translation tactics and their effects and implications, this paper traces Bing Xin's endeavour to fight the subordinated status of women and of the translation. It aims to contribute to both gender studies and critique on translation theory and practice.

Ke Liu; Jiawei Leng
Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 2022 21 (4) - AHCI EI SCIE

摘要 : Achieving low carbon emissions in buildings has a critical impact on controlling global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With the boom in educational buildings, especially those with reinforced concrete structures, carbon emissions from such buildings are brought to the fore. Among building carbon emissions, embodied carbon emissions are closely related to building structure and materials. This paper aims to study the embodied carbon emissions of a Chinese educational building in the design stage with a quantitative method – process-based life cycle assessment, summarizing the carbon emission characteristics of construction materials and proposing corresponding optimization methods. The results indicate that local data of emission factors is preferred for calculating the embodied carbon emissions and the number of construction materials could be obtained through design estimates; that embodied carbon emissions from material manufacturing are much higher than those from material transportation; that steel and concrete are the two most carbon-emitting materials in the reinforced concrete frame structure educational building; and that using local and reused materials are the two main low-carbon optimization measures, with carbon emission reduction contribution rates of 19.7% and 80.3%, respectively, which reused and recycled construction materials should be considered a priority in reducing the embodied carbon emissions of buildings.

Wen, Guo

摘要 : As one of the most important key words in ethical literary criticism, scientific selection as theory is not equivalent to scientific choice as terminology in critical practice. The former refers to the third stage of choices after the natural selection and ethical selection, mainly tackling the problem of the combination of science and humans; while the latter focuses on the action of choice based on scientific norms. No matter in reality or in science fiction, the results of scientific selection exist everywhere. With the narration in science fiction of robots, androids, human cloning and immortality, the paper attempts to sort out the denotation and connotation of this keyword, helping to understand humans’ cognition and transformation to nature. However, the scientific choice narrated in the novels is still the result of humans’ ethical consciousness and ethical choice, which refers to the initial stage of scientific selection. The real scientific selection means a stage where science replaces ethics, that is, by virtue of technological products, humans develop from human extension to human deconstruction and turn into “humans by scientific choice”. Strictly speaking, scientific selection, separating from ethics, has not yet arrived; nonetheless, science fiction has expounded how humans develop and use technology from the perspective of scientific choice, predicting the impacts and consequences science has exerted on humans, thus prompting us to consider the hybrid and coexistence of science and humans in the future. © 2022, Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature. All Rights Reserved.